Absent but Still Here

David Parry bio photo By David Parry

To the readers, I apologize greatly for lack of posting, being new faculty has taken up all my time. What little blogging time I have had has been taken up by the blog for Emergent Media and Communications here at UTD. But never fear, I now have an office (which wasn’t the case a couple of weeks ago) and am ready to resume regular blogging.

To hold people over before the longer upcoming posts here are some things of interest

First links to the blogs for the two classes I am teaching here at UTD</p>

And here is a truncated list of things I have been collecting that might be of interest:</p>

  • Docx File Converter: If you are on a Mac and students have not learned to save as an .rtf this will allow you to convert files.
  • Top Learning Tools: A collection of the learning tools that educators have flagged as essential. This list is aggregated from a collection of educators top ten lists. No surprise Firefox is #1, but egads Power Point is #5—Power Point makes my top ten worst tools of all time.
  • Preparing Courses: Advice on preparing new courses from Tomorrow’s Professor
  • RSS Textbook: Because I love RSS, this post by Weblogg-ed covers his thoughts on RSS, and ultimately using it as source material for the class.