A Tool for Syllabus Creation?

David Parry bio photo By David Parry

A while ago I mentioned on this blog, and on another site, that the one computer program/application that I want that does not exist is a syllabus creator. I want something that is more than a word processor. A program that will ask me the range of dates for class, the number of times the class meets, and spit out a schedule, which I can fill in, and have it format neatly. On top of that I want the program to spit out data to iCal and in a web readable form. I enjoy making a syllabus, but I find it frustrating to get the “data” into all the forms I want.

Enter Sean. Sean noticed my comments about syllabus creation software and is working on making such a program. We talked on the phone about what I would want in such a program, and he has since started interviewing other faculty. He has most recently set up a survey which you can take if you have the time. This will help Sean create a program that meets your needs. So, if you want this type of program, go take this survey and make sure Sean gets all the info he needs.