Zotero Needs Your Help, Part I

David Parry bio photo By David Parry

To any one interested in technology in Higher Education the following job opportunities look interesting. Zotero which is a plug-in for Firefox being developed by the Center for History and New Media at George Mason is hiring. More on Zotero later as I have been giving it a test run, but basically it will work with firefox to track all of your citations, think of it as a free alternative to Endnotes that can do so much more. Anyway, check out the link below if you are looking for a job, or just interested in this project. (You could be a techno-evangilist . . .what a cool job title.)

Zotero Needs Your Help, Part I: ”

We’re ramping up here at Zotero headquarters for the big release of the public beta (it should be out next week). But we’re already thinking ahead to great new features—including nifty ways to share and collaborate, as I mentioned in my last post on Zotero—and to building not only a large and active user community, but also a community to help disseminate, support, and further develop this free and open software. In short, we need your help! In this post I’ll let you know about the official George Mason University announcements for full-time positions at CHNM (sorry for the officialese and also for the repetitiveness; it’s necessary to post these as they are recorded with GMU Human Resources). In the next post, I’ll let you know about other opportunities to help out….

(Via Dan Cohen.)