Wiki Notepad for PCs

David Parry bio photo By David Parry

Zulupad has just released a new version of their software. Earlier I mentioned Vodoopad for the Mac, which is a great piece of software for taking notes. Zulu does the same, but is available for Mac and PC. Basically both of these programs let you type notes as you would in any text program, but also to link notes together-think of it as creating your own personal Wikipedia of your notes. For students who want to type notes this is a great technique, as it allows you to connect all of your notes together. For me it is not quite powerful enough I prefer Devon, but for the basic student this is one way to go. Both Zulupad and and Vodoopad allow you to create links to outside pages as well. So if you want to remember a link to an outside resource you can connect these to your notes as well. Zulupad is free (whereas only Vodoopad Lite is free). Vodoopad still seems to be the benchmark to me, but if you are a PC user Zulupad is a possible alternative.