Teaching Students Online Researching

David Parry bio photo By David Parry

Michigan State’s BlogsforLearning points to this article at Inside Higher Ed, about the, frankly hideous, information literacy levels of some students. In the interest of fostering some information literacy here are some resources:

  1. Alan Liu’s policy statement on Wikipedia: Alan Liu (of Voice of the Shuttle) has long been concerned with questions of technology, knowledge, and the humanities. While this statement isn’t perfect (hey it’s just a draft) it is an excellent start.
  2. Searching the Deep Web: Most students only know how to use google, and quick google at that. Using the web is often a matter of searching beyond google. This article from lifehacker is a good primer.
  3. Library Databases:Get the students to look at which database services are available through various libraries. This links to the Albany list. Outsiders can access this list, just not use the search engines themselves. But you can still see which databases are useful for which type of disciplinary work, incredibly useful.
  4. Research Resources: This is an extended write up I did for my Intro to Writing Class. Much of the information here is geared towards English students and Albany students, but the general principles still hold. Feel free to use.