Student Planners

David Parry bio photo By David Parry

A couple of people have emailed asking about applications for helping students get organized. I think the first year in college it can be really hard for students to manage the new class structure (fewer assignments that require more work, and classes that do not meet everyday). So, in this regard I think it can help to have a few tools to keep assignments organized. Recently I have come across two applications that might help (one was sent by a reader, Kevin-thanks Kevin). I think these programs probably don’t have the focus I want as a teacher, as they seem to be organized around assignments rather than lectures, administration etc. But if you are a student they seem worth checking out.

  • First Up: Schoolhouse. This is a free program written by Logan Collins. It allows you to organize tasks by assignments. It integrates with iCal and Mail. It will also help you to track your grade for the semester. Besides the orginization of the program two things impressed me. One, the overall design. This program is really sharp, right down to the icon which is one of my favorite I have seen in a long time. Second, it appears that the developer is 18, that’s right folks, hasn’t been to college and has already written a valueable program to keep students organized.
  • Second: iProcrastinate. This one wins in the title category. It also lets you track assignments. And while it doesn’t seem to integrate with email etc. like Schoolhouse, it does let you break down the assignment into smaller tasks to track, a feature which I would find important. Like Schoolhouse it is free.

If you are a windows user you can check out the following options (sorry I couldn’t test drive them as I don’t have a windows machine) unfortunatley they all seem to be paid programs.

  • Study Minder:Class Scheduler, plus Homework Organizer
  • Assignment Organizer:This one seems the most basic, but is also the cheapest. And seems like it would work if all you want is a program to keep track of your homework.
  • Student Life: This one is the most expensive, but also claims to do everything, from Class Schedules, and Assignments to Extra-Curricular activities.

So give them a try, and see which one fits your needs.