RSS Just Keeps Getting Better . . .or my newest discovery.

David Parry bio photo By David Parry

I don’t know how long this has been available, but I was doing some researching via Project Muse today and noticed this:OmniWebScreenSnapz001.jpg

Let me zoom in:


That’s right you can subscribe via RSS to a journal, and you will be sent updates when the new journal is issued. I tried this out on a few, but apparently there was nothing new so I will have to wait to see how much content you get. But from the Project Muse FAQ page it seems as if you just get a notification of the new content, not the article itself. Regardless this is tremendously useful. I just created a “journal” folder in my RSS reader, and added in the feeds for the journals I might want to read, and now once a week or so I can go thru to see if there is anything worth a deeper look. This is a great way to get info that is usually behind a firewall delivered, without having to log into Project Muse. I wonder if the other databases are offering this . . . has anyone been using this.