Resource Links

David Parry bio photo By David Parry

Here are some links to resources I found, or people sent me. I haven’t tried them all out thoroughly, but depending on your needs they might interest you.

  • Gradefix is a website that promises to help you with organizing your homework. It has two account types (free and $5 a month). I like the interface and design philosophy, that is the student success is directly related to time management. Although I wonder how much planning an application can do for you.
  • Notesengo: This site posts student notes, it is relatively new, but is growing quickly, and you can see the most recent notes.
  • Notemesh is probably my favorite site of the ever growing “class notes” genre. I like the idea behind collaborative note taking. Strikes me that this could have interesting pedagogical uses. Each class note is a wiki, so there would be discrepancies between what students wanted to post that would be worth talking about.
  • PDF Converter is perhaps the most useful for professors. This site allows you to convert various file formats (MS Word documents, .rtf, .jpeg, .html etc.) to a .pdf. So if you are working on a PC and can’t automatically convert the file, this site will do the trick. I have already used this several times when I was on a University PC and needed to convert something so everyone could read it.</p>