Presentations III

David Parry bio photo By David Parry

Yet another trick for making easy presentations. Again involving a flash drive. At times when I teach or present all I want to display is a serious of quotes, just text, or text with simple pictures. What I do in this case, is type out all the quotes in a large font, so they fit onto one page. Now, I have single sheets of paper, each with one quote on them that I want to use. Here is the trick–export the file to a .pdf (on a Mac this is really is, all you need to do is select print and than click the .pdf button at the bottom left). Now that it is saved as a .pdf it is readable by any computer with a .pdf viewer (Adobe Acrobat). But wait there is more, also you can put a .pdf viewer onto your flash drive, like foxitreader (PC) or pdfviewer (Mac), these are both really small, allow you to resize the window and/or view it full screen, simple navigation forward or back one page, and are free. Now using any computer you can display your presentation, and your audience can follow along with the quotes. This beats having to make copies and passing them out. Quick, easy and guaranteed to work, you don’t have to worry about the software in the room. This is partiuclarly handy if you already have the quotes typed out from previous work, you just save as a .pdf.