Pedagogy Highlights (and Lowlights)

David Parry bio photo By David Parry

In a similar strand to the post below here is a brief list of the things occuring in the world of education last week, with a particular focus on a series of disturbing and related issues threatening open education.

  1. First up, if you haven’t already, and are interested in blogging in the classroom check out Matthew Williams Blog. He has some rather extended and in depth thoughts on practicing learner centered classroom pedagogy and the relation to blogging. Looks like Matthew is doing some useful reflection as the semester approaches.
  2. Blackboard continues to defend its absurd patent which could radically limit the ability of institutions to imploy open learning software. Check out Michael Feldstein’s latest rebutal to Blackboard’s attempt to explain itself. And just as disturbing comes this, apparently some places not only want to support companies like Blackboard, but prevent you from using any technology outside of these course management programs. (Insert long pedagogical rant about education is supposed to be open not closed and lines of frustration about horribly unethical administrators being in bed with companies trying to turn a profit off of education.)
  3. And the “corporate sell out of education“ move of the week goes to the Commision on the Future of Higher Ed who decided at the last minute to revise their proposal and eliminate language that encouraged open source software development, apparently on pressure from microsoft. Read the commentary at Kairosnews. This all makes me even more determined to figure out open source alternatives for higher ed. And on that note, I will be posting in the next couple of days about classroom blogging.