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One of the programs I use most, but never think about is Noise. A post over at The Apple Blog on software for laptops, reminded me that I should post here about Noise (it is included on the list). I live in an apartment, which can be badly insulated against sound. This is a particular problem when a neighbor decides to use the room next to mine as a TV room, and engage in all day Law & Order marathons while I try to finish a dissertation chapter. While I am one of those people that writes to music at times (Jazz and DJ Spooky—depending on my writing mood), at others I just need to drown out the sound of the NYPD busting in a door and Brisco and Logan interrogating witnesses. For this Noise works perfect, launch the application and it creates background “White Noise” to wash away all of that TV dialogue. Others I know use this program with headphones at coffee shops etc. when the conversation at the adjoining table is too loud or just too interesting to try and ignore. Noise is free, and there are similar []3programs for the PC