New Devon Video

David Parry bio photo By David Parry

icondevonthinkpr.jpegDevon has posted a new training video to their training section of the website. Like I have said many times here before, Devon is wicked powerful, probably the most higher powered research software made. The problem is it is difficult to get a sense of everything it can do, these videos (this is the third in a series, the first two where on the sister application Devon Agent) help with this problem. If you haven’t seen Devon in action watch this video (warning it is long) and if you are using Devon it might be worth a look as well, as I picked up a think or two I didn’t know. Two things to watch for in the video:

  • They talk about fuzzy logic. I love that Devon can use something called fuzzy logic to search your database of information.
  • About a third of the way thru, the guy doing the screencast goes thru some webpages he has added to his database, and although he doesn’t say so, you can see one of them is the previous post here on academHacK about using Devon for Taking Exams.

It is my sense from looking at the Devon site that many people in the sciences are using Devon already, but not as many in the humanities. So I am going to feature some more stuff on how I have been using it, to show what this program has to offer those of us not in the “hard” sciences.