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Merlin at 43 Folders, an excellent site for tips on productivity and information management, has long been an advocate of Quicksilver. Now he has collected everything you need in one place to get started. While this is not specifically an academic application, learning to use it well saves more time than any other app and makes working on the computer so much more pleasant. Check it out and get started using this app if you do not already. If you are just starting check out the video in the link first.

Open Thread: Quicksilver podcast questions – 43 Folders Board

Following up on the (very enthusiastic) response to the MacBreak podcast about Quicksilver, I’ve opened a new thread on the board where people can ask questions — and all you Quicksilver ninjas out there (given the time and interest) can maybe me help answer anything not covered in the documentation. I’ll answer as many as time allows (my internet access will be spotty for a few days), so anything the [QS][4] [pros][5] can do to help would be greatly appreciated.

[Stop by][6] and get your ‘Silver on!

(Via [43 Folders][7].)

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