Free, Better Blackboard/WebCT

David Parry bio photo By David Parry

Via Kairosnews I ran into eoffice hours today. Basically this is a free version of WebCT of Blackbaord. You can sign up at the site and they will host the online portions of your class. You can have discussion boards, assignments, syllabus, all of the things you are used to with the other online course management systems. If you are looking for a way to host online materials for a class and a blog is not enough (for many I think a blog works, click here to see a write up I did on that) this might be a good option. While there is nothing particularly webtastic about this site (nothing fancy or gorgeous looking) it seems to have most of what educators would want. This strikes me as really useful for smaller schools that don’t want to fork out money for WebCT or Blackboard, or for schools where the administration is not very tech forward. You can see a sample class they set up and see if it meets your needs. In the end it seems far easier than writing your own.