Finding a Journal

David Parry bio photo By David Parry

Every once in a while you are looking for a journal, but it is not in the databases you typically search, or thought it was. For example say you were looking for the Oxford Literary Review, which is not in JSTOR or Project Muse. Rather than continue to check database after database for an elusive journal you can search World Cat by journal title, and it will tell you which database contains the title for which you are looking. So, type in “Oxford Literary Review” and the site tells you that it is available through the MLA, AHSearch, and ArticleFirst. This way you don’t have to spend time searching through all the databases to find out how to access the content, this site tells you where to go. WorldCat has a lot of other useful features, like searching through other libraries, (I’ll cover these later perhaps) but this one I hadn’t noticed until recently.