Backing Up

David Parry bio photo By David Parry

Having lost a hard drive earlier this year I always appreciate the reminders to back up files. Devon issued a tip on their blog about how easy it is to back up your Devon database. Although I back up my whole hard drive frequently, this back-up is super fast and allows me to export the back up easily to a flash drive even. Considering I have a database for the job search and all of my research which would be catastrophic if I lost, this is a handy way to backup quickly everyday, and to carry that backup around with me in case my house burns down while I am away (that way I might be out of a house, but my dissertation and job quest could still be intact.)

To conveniently backup your DEVONthink Pro database, use the script Scripts > Export > Backup Archive. It creates a verified, optimized and zipped archive of the currently open database wherever you want, e.g., on your second hard drive, without having to quit DEVONthink Pro. And although it’s a script, it doesn’t look like one and it is as fast as an integrated tool.

via The Balcony